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CCMS Application Glossary

CCMS Application Glossary

Glossary of terms for use within CCMS

CCMS Application Glossary

The Department of Energy, Building Technologies Program welcomes you to the new Compliance and Certification Management System (CCMS) for residential appliances and commercial equipment. This on-line system permits manufacturers and third party representatives to create and submit reports via product templates and to track their status. The product templates encompass both the compliance statement and certification report on a single, Excel spreadsheet. The time stamp and email response applications allow the user to maintain a documented audit trail for each on-line submission from creation to approval through dialogue.

CCMS Application : An automated, web-based, program on which manufacturers and third party representation can submit and track certification reporting.

Approved CCMS Certification Template : All Templates are downloadable Excel spreadsheets, unique to each product type, created and approved by BTP for user ease and efficiency.

Username : A unique identifying code provided by BTP for login to CCMS.

Password : A unique, hidden code set by the user.

Tickets : Each report submission is identified with a unique tracking number and is referred to as a “submission.”

Received Submissions : Submissions entered into the CCMS application under your login, which have been received but not yet filed by BTP.

BTP : Building Technologies Program

Filed Submissions : Submissions entered into the CCMS application under your login, which have been filed by BTP.

Requestor : The email address of the user who made the submission in the CCMS application.

Owner : An internal identifier depicting the individual or group at BTP reviewing the submission.

Comments : On the “New Submission” screen, a text box is made available in the event that a user wishes to enter correspondence.

Status, New : A submission with a “New” status has not yet been opened by BTP.

Status, Received : A submission with a “Received” status is being reviewed by BTP.

Reply/Comment : While reviewing a previously created submission, one can enter and submit a pertinent comment or may reply to any correspondence.

Submit : On the “Update submission” page choose “submit” to enter your submission.

Attach : Using the “browse” button, search your hard drive for your completed template, then click “open” to “Attach” the template to your submission. Clicking “Create Submission” uploads the template to BTP.