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Getting Started with CCMS

Getting Started with CCMS

Help for new users and new third party representatives submitting compliance certification data through CCMS

Getting Started with CCMS

New Users and New Third-party Representatives

  1. Click the Registration and Authorization Forms link.
  2. Download and complete the form.
  3. Submit the form using one of the two methods listed.
  4. You should receive an email from Technical Support, which contains your user name and a link to establish your password.

Current Users with ID and Password

  1. Click on the Product Templates link.
  2. Click on the appropriate product type template, download and save it to a local drive.
  3. Follow the instructions on the template and enter your product data. You can enter the data manually, copy-and-paste from another file, or import the data from a data file. Save the template as a new file.
  4. Click on the Go To CCMS link; enter your username and password.
  5. In the menu located at the top of the screen, click on New Submission.
  6. Select the Correspondence Record Type and the Product Type that correspond to the file you are submitting.
  7. Click Browse and locate the file you saved on a local drive.
  8. Enter a Comment (optional) to forward to the DOE reviewers and click Create Submission to submit your report.
  9. Click Logout in the upper-right corner of the screen to exit CCMS.

For more comprehensive instructions click on the link to the CCMS User Guide on the Help page.