About eeCompass

Make the smart and efficient choice

eeCompass is your resource for accurately evaluating the energy efficiency of the appliances you use every day.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Appliance and Equipment Standards Program requires that certain appliances meet energy conservation standards, which means that each covered appliance must be tested and the results certified before it can be offered for sale in the U.S. Not only must manufacturers certify the performance of their appliances to demonstrate compliance with the standards, they must also make this information available to the public.

eeCompass houses manufacturers' certification reports and compliance information and provides easy-to-use tools that allow consumers to research, evaluate and compare covered products by brand and model, along with a number of other performance attributes. Only certification data of current basic models submitted in the last year are included, and although eeCompass strives to maintain the highest level of consumer confidence we can make no warranties as to the accuracy of manufacturer provided data.

eeCompass’s number one goal is to be a trusted consumer resource by helping you make the best choice when selecting and recommending products that save money through superior energy performance.