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Updated Templates for Reporting for the FTC in CCMS

Updated Templates for Reporting for the FTC in CCMS

Updated Templates for Reporting for the FTC in CCMS

The templates for 12 product types with Federal Trade Commission reporting requirements have been updated.  The updated templates recognize that the EnergyGuide label does not have to be submitted for a new submission until the next annual reporting date.  The following 12 templates have been updated to reflect this change:

  • Ceiling Fans, v5.4
  • Central AC and HP Other Than Multi-Split, v5.5
  • Consumer Water Heaters, v5.5
  • Consumer Water Heaters Subject to Enforcement Policy, v5.3
  • Dishwashers, v5.2
  • Multi-Split Central AC and HP, v5.3
  • Pool Heaters, v5.2
  • Residential Clothes Washers, v5.3
  • Residential Furnaces,  v5.2
  • Residential  Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers and Freezers, v5.2
  • Room Air Conditioners, v5.2
  • Television Sets, v5.2

Under Federal Trade Commission requirements at 16 CFR §305.11, manufacturers must report the website address they have created to post their online EnergyGuide labels as required by 16 CFR §305.9.  The FTC rules allow manufacturers to submit this information through the CCMS using forms provided by DOE.  Manufacturers may comply with this reporting requirement by submitting a specific link to a URL for each label, a link to a PDF download for each label, or a link to a website that takes users directly to a searchable database from which the label image or download may be accessed using the model number as certified to DOE pursuant to 10 CFR Part 429 and the model number advertised in product literature.

If you have any further questions about FTC requirements, contact FTC at

The revised templates should be used as soon as possible, but must be used on and after the next annual certification date.  Submissions made on previous versions of the templates do not have to be resubmitted until the next annual certification date.

Instructions for completing the templates can be found here.

If you have any questions about completing these new templates, please contact us.

Download this templates from the CCMS Template page.

Posted 4/16/2020.